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Pedagogy is pleased to bring a new way of accessing our industry leading education courses. Our two membership plans are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, your organizations, clinicians, and staff.

About Pedagogy Inc.

Pedagogy Inc. has over 40 combined decades of experience behind the health care education that we provide to our students. This expertise, combined with a dedicated team of notably experienced programmers, graphic designers, data base architects, and customer service specialists creates an industry leading platform for online learning. Our e-learning courses are written by the fore-most subject matter experts and clinicians that bring their wealth of knowledge to your staff.


Managed Education Costs

Education Plans

Customizable Curriculum

In an effort to manage budgets, and compliance expenses, we have tailored our membership dues to provide industry leading education at an affordable price. Manage your team’s progress through your chosen education plan with a simple and easy to use online interface. This enables monitoring the progression of staff as they move through the education plan. You choose the courses your clinicians and staff are required to take from our broad set of classes. Once a member your team will have access to our entire library of  industry leading courses and inservices!

Continuing Education Courses for Healthcare Professionals

In today’s competitive healthcare environment and quality conscious buyers it is imperative your management team and clinicians are highly educated and trained to deliver superior service and care. The demands of the industry require your staff to be prepared to care for higher acuity clients as well as provide for their specialized needs. Pedagogy’s e-learning courses prepare your clinicians to confidently and competently deliver care to these specialized clients, from the most manageable to the utmost challenging of clients, making your team a highly valued and marketable asset. 

Our continuing education courses deliver content in specialty areas you will not find with other online education companies. Our areas of expertise include infusion therapies, IV education and certification, respiratory therapies, medication management, and disease state management and care. We also provide basic education for clinicians and managers in the areas of fall management, strokes, diabetes, spiritual and cultural education, and infection control. These accredited continuing education for nurses and administrators  raise the standard of care your facility can provide.

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Inservice and Compliance Courses for Every Staff Member

The Inservice and Compliance category contains education classes designed to meet the federal requirements for long term care and home health certified nursing assistant staff development.

Our inservice topics include the mandatory inservices required by regulatory agencies for corporate compliance education and training that is required for all employees. Quality assurance expectations are reflected in each inservice course, making quality of care a priority as well as meeting regulatory expectations.

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Looking for an individual membership?

Expand your access to the Pedagogy class catalog for your personal account by signing up for one or both of our Membership options.

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Need Help Deciding or Have Questions?

Feel free to give a call so one of our highly experienced staff members can explain the details or answer any questions you may have. 

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Our Learning Management System

Pedagogy’s convenient online platform frees facilities/agencies from the costly and time consuming burden of providing staff training, orientation, and inservice education in conjunction with maintaining consistency and efficiency. Our Learning Management System allows complete education management in a paperless, convenient format allowing the staff educator the needed control of inservice assignment and the ability to track progress and exam scores. No books, no downloads, no DVDs, no software; our education is presented in an online format and your employees can access their assigned inservices from any computer or tablet device with an internet connection, anytime of the day or night. This online system makes schedule changes to attend inservices a thing of the past, eliminates paperwork, and allows easy compliance.

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