Did You Know?

Pedagogy offers facility discounts for orders of 10 classes or more!

Take all Pedagogy classes on an iPad or Android tablet!

Pedagogy classes are reviewed every 6 months for current practices and new materials!

Pedagogy is always looking for qualified authors to join our team... Click Here to find out more...

Pedagogy now offers Packages (bundles) of courses!
Pedagogy strives to provide the highest quality online education for the medical community. Our classes are developed by highly qualified instructors with years of real world experience in their field. Our class engine is designed to allow you the most flexible online class experience and still deliver the best content possible.
  • Courses are available from any computer with an internet connection, from the comfort of your own home or at work.
  • Take courses and test at your pace and on your schedule. You have the ability to start and stop instruction as your busy schedule demands.
  • No sitting in a classroom for long lectures, on your day off or after working the night shift.
  • Receive continuing education contact hours.
  • You have the option of listening to the class as you go. We have created page by page audio files to help you follow and understand class materials.
  • Pictures, illustrations and web-links are components of course material to enhance understanding of concepts.
  • With course completion and successful testing scores above 80%, certificates are instantly available.
  • Classes are reviewed every 6 months (minimum) to ensure that current and up-to-date concepts and topics are provided.
  • Use our valuable online resources in your every day work environment.
  • Use the on-screen dictionary Quipedia to understand words and phrases.
  • Improve the quality of care for your patients and facility
  • Show patients your commitment to quality care by participating in Pedagogy training programs
Regardless of location, schedule or unique needs, Pedagogy can help you achieve training goals.
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